Getting your hands on the best air fryer is a tough feat, and if you don’t happen to be one of the fortunate ones able to snag a top model or simply don’t want to splash the cash, shoppers are claiming that using a crisper basket in your oven is the next best thing.

The oven crisper basket claims to make crispy chips, pizza, and pastries – just like our air fryer favourites! The oven crisper basket has increased in popularity rapidly over the past few days, with the NoStik oven crisper basket (opens in new tab) going completely out of stock on the John Lewis website. However, there are a few still available to the lucky ones who can get them in-store.

NoStik Non-Stick Oven Crisper Basket, Small with mini pizzas cooking on top

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Oven crisper basket as an ‘air fryer alternative’

Oven crisper baskets claim to be ideal for the preparation of oven chips, nuggets, pizzas, onion rings, pastries, and more – without having to use any additional butter or oil. Sound familiar, air fryer lovers? The fine mesh allows heat to circulate all around your food while letting moisture escape, preventing any sogginess and ensuring a lovely crisp finish.

If you’re keen on the idea of a £10 air fryer alternative and don’t want to make the trip to John Lewis, then this oven crisper basket from Lakeland (opens in new tab) is still available to purchase for £10.99 both online and in-store. If you’re after a deliciously crispy base to your pizza, this oven crisper basket claims to get the job done brilliantly.

NoStik Non-Stick Oven Crisper Basket, Small with array of food displayed

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Food can be cooked at shorter times with no need to keep tossing and turning. Buyers have commended variations of the nifty kitchen accessory, saying that you get ‘lovely crispy food without the need to keep turning it over.’

In fact, many have commented on how crispy food gets when cooked in an oven crisper basket: ‘Very pleased with this. Crisps up food and is easy to clean,’ says one reviewer with another saying it ‘really crisped up my pizza base perfectly.’

air fryer cooking chips on countertop

(Image credit: Future Photostudio / Philip Sowels)

We haven’t tested it ourselves, but for £10 a pop, it could be worth trying if you’re still on the waiting list to purchase your desired air fryer or are simply after the ‘air fryer feel’ for your food without breaking the bank.

But of course, if you’ve got the cash to spend then we’d encourage you to just go for the real thing. We’ve even got a live blog to help you find the best air fryers in stock, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.