Getting Autumn ready is more than just dressing in thicker layers, it can be having an autumnal transformation in your home as well to embody the spirit of the season. Decorations are not just for Christmas or Halloween, and even if you do not celebrate the two you might still want to add some tasteful decor to keep your home cosy for the whole season.

Autumn is about keeping warm as we see the drastic shift from the summer months, and incorporating different colours, textures, and decor features in your home will help to do just that. The colour schemes are easy enough to follow, just look outside and you will have your answer. Adding golden browns, maroon rustic reds, and pops of gold are really going to embody the browning, crisp leaves that are the ultimate autumn indicator. 

Dried flower wreaths 

An autumn wreath hanging on a front door
Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels

Once again adding the outdoor elements indoors, dried flowers are also a great way to add some vibrancy to the room whilst lasting for longer periods. You can even create your own dried flower wreath at home, starting with a basic oak leaf wreath and adding on various autumn flowers, dried fruits and some pampas grass. Maybe if you are celebrating the Halloween season, you might add on some mini pumpkins. Placing one on your front door lets guests know you are ready for the season, and doing it in style!

Autumn garlands

Incorporating a garland into your home decor is a great way to step into the changing season. Stringing one across your fireplace, around the stair bannister, as a table centrepiece, or even all three will reflect the spirit of the season. Go for an autumn leafy, berry featuring garland for that natural rustic feel.

Pumpkin displays 

Lovely autumnal display of pumpkins
Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels

It wouldn’t be autumn if we didn’t see pumpkins just about everywhere, they aren’t just great for baking but they can look amazing if displayed correctly. Of course, artificial pumpkins would be practicable for durability and to use year after year. You might opt for a candle display and therefore look for some pumpkin-style candle holders. To keep things safe you can also buy artificial candles, some even have timers so you can make sure they light up in the evening to bring in the cosiness just at the right time. If you are looking to tap into your DIY skills, you might consider carving your design into them, or even adding a collection of colour and painting each pumpkin different shades of autumn colours. You may already have your outdoor living essentials for comfort and style, but you can make it autumn authentic and create a pile of pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes, and adding some blocks of hay will make you the stand-out house in the neighbourhood. 

Change of wall art

With seasonal interior design, it is always useful to integrate decor that is changeable, which means changing the art of your walls can be a quick but effective way to do this. Perhaps if you have wall art that is modern and interpretive you might skip this one, but if you are looking to go full autumn mode and you have the space to store your seasonal art, this is a great step. Again choosing specific pieces that follow the foliage-inspired colour pallet, whilst using designs that reflect the comfort of your home in the cold seasons is what you should be aiming for. Different textured artwork will look luxurious whilst giving the harvest feeling to it. 

Update the throws and pillows

Cosy throw in an autumnal shade
Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels

As the days and nights get colder it is only right to get the cosy blankets and pillows out. If you haven’t attended to your pillowcases or throws recently then autumn is the perfect excuse to get everything updated. starting with the pillows, depending on the theme of the rest of the room and the sofa you shouldn’t make too much of a contrast, but if your sofa is a neutral shade go for warm, luxury cushion covers with gold tones to add some shine to the room. Complimenting this with a burnt orange blanket kept on standby for sofa movie nights, you will feel like you’re surrounded by an autumnal dream. A tip for your pillows is to simply change the covers if they are still plump and plush, saving money is key in the lead-up to Christmas.