Tired of the drab greys and browns that have dominated bathroom decor in recent years? Planning to renovate? Consider going green.  

Leafy tones are on trend, and for good reason! Soothing shades of green create an inviting and calming space. Perfect for anybody wanting to unwind after a tiring day at work.

Fired Earth Bert & May Luna Fennel Encaustic Tiles
Credit: Fired Earth

Currently, green is one of the most searched-for bathroom colours on Pinterest, the image-sharing social media site. The company’s trend tool shows searches for green bathroom ideas climbed in late 2021, spiked in January this year and have remained high ever since.

Open any interior magazine or enter a bathroom showroom and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of green on offer. Green is the go-to bathroom trend of 2022.

In this article, we’ll explain why green is well-suited to the bathroom, tell you how to select the right shade and give you plenty of decorating ideas to get you started.

Why should I use green in my bathroom? 

Psychologists know that colour influences how we think, feel and behave. Several studies show that green boosts creative thinking.  Plus, everybody knows the mental and physical health benefits of surrounding oneself with plants and nature. Harness both together to transform your humble bathroom from a spot to perform ablutions into a space for planning, plotting and problem-solving.

Which shade of green should I choose for my bathroom?

Green is a versatile colour with many shades to choose from. Think invigorating mint, zesty lime, bold emerald, vibrant jade, earthy pine or calming seafoam. Drawn straight from nature, each shade is perfectly suited to the bathroom, depending on the type of ambience you’re hoping to achieve.

Fired Earth Aurorasallars green glass tiles
Credit: Fired Earth

Brighter greens have energising properties – choose something dynamic and invigorating for a refreshing start to the morning.

Earthier tones like sage, pistachio, forest and moss are calming. Use one of these colours to create an elevated space lined with luxury candles and finished with sumptuous white towels to provide spa-like relaxation at the end of a busy day.

It’s important to consider the size of your bathroom when choosing the perfect shade of green. Vivid tones look better in spacious rooms with plenty of natural light.  While muted greens are better suited to smaller spaces.

Consider whether you plan to decorate the entire space or confine your chosen green to one wall.

What colours can I use with green in my bathroom? 

Once you’ve chosen your ideal green, start thinking about complementary colours. For a classic look, select neutrals, like stone or taupe. White is an obvious pairing to create a fresh look. Use the achromatic colour liberally to create a light and airy space.

Gorgeous green mosaic floor tiles from Fired Earth
Credit: Fired Earth

After something bolder? A little different? Try creating a dramatic-yet-inviting space by pairing a deep, moody green with black or dark grey.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, complement your chosen shade of green with a vivid hue. Punchy jewel tones like warm orange, cerise pink or electric blue will also work beautifully with deep shades of emerald.

Green bathroom ideas – tips for getting started

Interested in decorating your bathroom green? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Research the shade of green that you feel is appropriate for your bathroom and the type of space you wish to create. You might find it useful to create a mood board.  You can create a digital mood board on Pinterest or try the old-fashioned way!  Use a sheet of cardboard, paint samples, clippings from interior magazines, textiles and accessories.

It helps to create a moodboard for an interior design project
Credit: Stock Adobe

Once you’ve chosen your perfect shade, decide to what degree you’ll use it in the space – do you plan to use it as a focal colour or accent shade? Will you tile your shower green? Paint all the walls? Or use it for your accessories and furnishings?  Will you opt for green tiles? A living wall? Green wallpaper? Green paint? Furniture? Will you decorate the whole room floor-to-ceiling or confine the green to one focal wall? Will you be adding sparing touches of green to the room or will it dominate the space?

Finally, test complementary colours against your mood board until you create the perfect colour palette.

Stunning way of using green tiles in your bathroom wall decor
Credit: Fired Earth

Where to use green in the bathroom

Here are some ideas of where and how you can use green in your bathroom decor:

  • Use green tiles to create a recessed wall above the sink and toilet. 
  • If you have a generous budget, buy enough tiles or paint to cover the entire wall or several walls. 
  • Feel a strong block of colour is too much for your space?  Consider using a patterned tile – Bert and May Green Alalpardo Porcelain tiles (pictured above) can be used to create a striped or diamond design.  The moss green creates an impact without feeling overpowering. 
  • Paint is a great option, as there are so many shades of green paints to choose from.
Black and white bath surrounded by fresh green plants
Credit: Stock Adobe
  • Research plants that thrive on humidity and add them to your bathroom. They’ll add life to the room without taking up too much space. Place them on the walls, in planters or even hanging above your shower.  You can also opt for artificial plants if you’re not green-fingered.
  • Living walls (both artificial and real) have soared in popularity in recent years. Install one in your bathroom and it’ll become a talking point among your guests!
  • Paint the exterior of a bathtub in your favourite shade of green. Opt for a daring tone – you can always sand it down and repaint it in the future! 
  • Up-cycle cabinets and furniture with paint too – a handy way to add impact to a room without spending a fortune. 
  • Zhuzh-up your sterile white bathroom with green flooring tiles to make a fun statement.
  • Ease yourself into the green trend by replacing your bathroom accessories – green towels, a green blind etc.