Cooking can turn into a fun activity for couples and creating a gorgeous kitchen in which to cook makes it even more appealing. Creating the perfect kitchen design might seem challenging, especially in a small space. However, you don’t need a huge space to fit a nicely designed kitchen, and even small areas work well if you plan them effectively. This post shares practical and beautiful kitchen ideas for couples, to help you find inspiration to create your perfect kitchen.

Industrial style

Modern radiators can become design features in their own right
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Discussing the desired style is a crucial thing to do as you plan your kitchen design. If you are looking for a way to balance feminine and masculine features, an industrial style could work perfectly for your needs. This style kitchen often features exposed brick walls, stainless steel accents and concrete countertops. Complete your design with kitchen furniture sets, which add a dose of style to the space.

Minimalist vibe

Built-in appliances can help streamline the look of modern kitchens
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A monochrome kitchen with a minimalist feel is something that will appeal to any taste. The minimalist design focuses on clutter-free surfaces and clean lines. This kitchen provides plenty of storage options to have everything neatly organized.

Warm and inviting

Stylish modern kitchen with runner rug on the floor
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If you wish to add a dose of warmth, play with wood. A hardwood floor will add a sense of warmth to the kitchen, complementing the design. However, you can also pick faux wood tiles to match the aesthetic. A butcher block countertop is another excellent addition to modern and traditional styles. Don’t forget to add a cosy area rug to bring texture to play. 

All white kitchen

Square white kitchen with marble tiles
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An all-white kitchen will suit your needs if you prefer an airy and light space. White is a bright colour that reflects the light, making the room feel larger than it is. With white cabinets, countertops, and backsplash, even the tiniest kitchen will feel roomier. However, you can still make a statement. Opt for vibrant bar stools to turn them into a bold focal point.

Modern traditional design

Matt black cabinets make for a sleek kitchen
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If you prefer a modern design but want to add personality, opt for a balanced combination of the two styles. Classic white subway tile is the ideal choice for a backsplash. Wooden open shelving is a catchy eye detail that adds a modern vibe. 

Farmhouse style

Open plan kitchen and dining area showing zoned areas
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The farmhouse style is pretty popular at the moment and incorporates natural materials and vintage vibes. We love that this style can be conveyed in modern and traditional ways. Rustic lights hung above the kitchen island add charm to the space. 

Sophisticated kitchen

When you're preparing your home for property viewings, make sure it's as clean and tidy as possible
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A sophisticated kitchen design is ideal for you have a refined taste. A simple design without knobs or handles is a perfect choice for cabinetry. Marble countertops are an elegant feature that gives off luxury vibes. Even though marble is an expensive choice for countertops, you don’t need to splurge on your first kitchen as a couple. With so many faux options available, you can still add the marble effect without breaking the bank. 

Colourful kitchen

Quality kitchen countertops last longer than cheaper versions
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If you are looking forward to a bold design with vibrant colours and character, play with colours in your kitchen. Pistachio green is a trending colour choice for cabinets. Pair with bright yellow dining chairs to make the ultimate statement. 

Final thoughts

In open plan spaces, you could match the living room and dining area so it feels cohesive and connected. For example, choosing a coordinating sofa or TV chair recliner in a similar style to your kitchen furniture will help the theme flow effortlessly. 

Your kitchen should be somewhere you’ll enjoy being in and using. There are lots of trends to take inspiration from, but if you and your partner prefer different styles, you can always mix and match to create a space that feels unique to you.