Magic Erasers are brilliant for getting rid of stubborn scuffs and scrapes around the home. They’re among the best cleaning products out there – you just dampen them and they remove tough marks pronto.

Anyone who uses them regularly will know that they can really start to add up, though. A TikToker has shared a money-saving Magic Eraser hack to keep your walls, cupboards, skirting boards and doorways looking immaculate with less strain on your bank balance.

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Money-saving Magic Eraser hack

A cleaning and organisation enthusiast (@keepitsimplesparkles (opens in new tab)) shared a TikTok about how much she loves Magic Erasers, but how quickly you can end up going through them. In the clip below, she explains that melamime sponges are essentially the same thing, but can be bought much more cheaply. 

These are often used in soundproofing as well as insulation, and the abrasive surface means they can get tough marks to budge. We had a quick look and it turns out you can get 50 melamime sponges for £10 at Amazon (opens in new tab), while 50 of the branded versions could rack up to around £76. So if you’re looking for ways to save money at home, melamime sponges could be an affordable alternative.

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In the comments, people said that Magic Erasers are great for cleaning a stainless steel sink if you want to leave it sparkling. Others said that they work well on white goods, especially fridge handles, and can leave white trainers looking like new.

‘I usually cut them into smaller pieces if I don’t really need a full size,’ one shared. ‘Makes them last much longer that way too!’ 

It’s worth noting that, branded or not, the sponges are not biodegradable or eco-friendly, so should be reserved for particularly tough marks. For instance, they’re great for getting rid of signs of general wear and tear in a rental property and might save you from having to paint over marks, helping you get your deposit back.

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Magic Erasers have a lot of loyal fans who say that once you start using them as part of the care and cleaning of your home, you’ll wonder how you managed without them. Will you be trying this money-saving Magic Eraser hack at home?