If you’re bored of the interior of your house and want to spruce it up, consider panelling your wall. Panelling is a covering for your wall, the materials of which are mainly wood. Introduced in the late 15th century, wood panelling was a means of insulating cold stone dwellings. These days, in addition to insulation, they’re used to upgrade dull interiors and have become an essential component of futuristic homes. Here are five benefits of wood wall panelling that might just steer you into using it for your next renovation.

1.   Easy to Install

Luxury living room home interior
Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Renovating your house is a massive decision, as it requires time and money. However, wood panels have an easy installation process, almost similar to assembling Legos. You can even install the panels yourself. Depending on the size of your property, you can finish the entire project in less than a week. Just research the material that would be perfect for your interior and start panelling away.

2.   Energy-Efficient

Wood is a natural insulator; this is one of the main reasons many homeowners decide to get wood panelling. It protects them against the harsh cold and does not heat up in summers, maintaining optimal temperatures for your property in all seasons. Wood panelling is an energy-efficient upgrade to your home as its insulating properties will reduce your energy usage – you won’t have to switch ACs and heaters on for entire days. As a result, you cut back on your bills and can save money.

Wood is also an excellent sound absorber, making it perfect for individuals looking for quietness and privacy in areas like home offices and bedrooms. This is also why many commercial buildings opt for wood wall panelling. If you live in a busy area and are tired of the incessant noise, wood panelling can turn your house into the peaceful place you dream of.

3.   Eco-Friendly

Wood panelling just effectively in a modern home interior
Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Wood is an environment-friendly option compared to other drywall materials such as brick and cement. It is biodegradable, and its manufacturing process poses the slightest danger to the environment. As it comes from a renewable source, it does not add to pollution. Additionally, the government keeps a strict watch on the industry to ensure that an excessive number of trees isn’t cut and the process does not harm the environment. However, some still have reservations about the tree-cutting process because of its ecological impact. In such a case, reclaimed wood panelling can be the perfect solution.

Reclaimed wood is recycled wood that comes from old buildings and furnishing and does not involve any more tree cutting, making it a sustainable choice for your home. There are also many reclaimed wood paneling ideas for you to choose from, ranging from Victorian to contemporary. If you are searching for eco-friendly renovation choices, then wood panelling is for you.

In the past, wall panelling was associated with the upper class and indicated wealth. But today, you can add panelling to your interior without the hefty cost. It is affordable and incorporates liveliness and richness into your house. Additionally, wood has excellent insulation and sound-absorbing capabilities and is an energy-efficient choice. Panelling can easily give your house the organic touch you’ve been looking for within your budget. Consider getting wood panelling for your next renovation and enjoy choosing from many designs.