There’s no need to book a flight to northern Spain to revel in glorious mosaic architecture — one week in this Denver loft and you’ll be saying Barthelona like a regular Catalonian (or at least a zealous study abroad student). The Colorado home was inspired by Antoni Gaudí, the architect whose Catalan Modernism is on stunning display in buildings like La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.

You can see the influence in the carved wooden benches and shelves that line the entryway of this luxury condo, accented by swooping orange, red, and gray collages of tile. The mosaic touches carry throughout the open loft, splashing along the kitchen and across the living room walls. 

It’s not too flashy for daily life, though — hardwood floors (with radiant heating), exposed brick walls, and beamed ceilings that stretch 12 feet high all work together to create a natural palette. As a sustainable bonus, the vast majority of the home’s materials are reclaimed: The oak floors once belonged to a basketball court, for example, and the massive cottonwood kitchen countertop is 100 years old. 

The rest of the features you really just have to see to believe, like the tobacco pipe-like fixture hanging in the kitchen, the miniature statues that hold up some shelves, and the cavernesque bathroom covered in mosaics. If you’d like to move in exactly as the staging photos show the home, you can opt to purchase the intricate, custom made furniture that populates the place. 

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