When you step into our Home on the Bay project… 

you’re greeted by a hallway that opens up into the main living space. White oak floors, custom stained wood beams, and natural light peering in from the windows set the scene for this space and invite you in.

Located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, this project is a completely custom new build, designed from the ground up in collaboration with Sausalito Construction and Holscher Architecture.

We love using the entryway as an opportunity to introduce elements that continue throughout the home. A mix of modern and traditional elements is common throughout this home, so we wanted to showcase that balance from the moment you walk through the door.

“One of the prettiest features in this entryway is the repeated effect of the lanterns. We decided to make a statement with repetition, and that really sets the tone for this entire home.”

– Shea McGee

Launceton Square Lantern

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Solange Mirror

“The layout of this floor plan had a long narrow hallway-like entryway, so it called for long shapes that we incorporated through a runner and a long custom console table.”

– Shea McGee

Wooden Book Display

From The Land

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“To style this console, we started with a huge mirror as a focal point, added balance with two lamps on each end, and brought in layers and levels to fill in the middle.”

– Shea McGee

Entryway finish schedule:  

Paint color: Benjamin Moore’s White Dove 

Paint finishes: 

Walls: Eggshell. Trim: Satin. Ceiling: Flat 

Beams: White oak wood 

Floors: White oak wood