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When I purchased my mid-century couch many moons ago, I thought it’d be the best seat in the house. You know, the place where I’d read a book, check emails, and eat takeout. But in reality? I’ll use any excuse to sit anywhere else. The problem with my couch, I’ve decided, is its size. You see, I live in a studio apartment, so my couch is technically a pint-sized loveseat. Translation? There’s no room to stretch out or kick up my feet. Since using my own sofa isn’t part of my daily routine, I rarely think about couches in general. But a chance encounter with one made me borderline obsessed with ’em.

A couple of years back, my boyfriend and I went to Sunday brunch at a friend’s house, where I spotted the coziest deep sofa I had ever seen. At first glance, it looked like your average couch; however, it had extra-deep seats (think at least 30 inches), so you could kick up your legs — or sit criss-crossed — and relax. While I won’t be able to fit an extra-deep couch in my small studio apartment anytime soon, you can bet I’ve bookmarked a few for the future. Check out 12 of the best deep sofas on the market today. But be warned: Once you sink into one, you might have a hard time sitting anywhere else.

Sarah Lyon and Sarah M. Vazquez also contributed to reporting.

Kelsey Mulvey


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