Under the bed rolling storage filled with slippers.

Since I live in a relatively small apartment, I look for space everywhere I can. In my home, there there are few nooks or crannies left unfilled! One of the few spaces left unfilled after two years in this unit was under my bed, and since my shoe collection was getting a little crowded (no shame!), I decided it was time to make my own under-the-bed rolling storage to store away the shoes I wear less often, like my sandals, that would slide easily under the bed and out of sight. It turns out this was easier to achieve than I thought!

A drawer contains several pairs of colorful sandals.

I purchased really basic wood boxes from the craft store that were thin enough to fit under my bed. Since this wood is very soft and inexpensive, it’s easy to drill through, and because it was sliding under my bed, I wasn’t too concerned with its appearance. Each box holds several pairs of shoes, so the rolling boxes quickly freed up space in my closet to go on another shopping spree!

I was really inspired by this rolling under-the-bed box that seemed simple enough to recreate with a few basic supplies, and you can make them in minutes. 

A drill next to a card box


  • Wood box, height fits under bed
  • 4 small caster wheels, screws included
  • Drill with attachments
  • Pencil 
  • Paint/stain (optional)


First, paint the box if desired. I have a more natural wood look in my bedroom, so I kep the wood natural. 

DIY rolling wheel for beds and chairs.


Turn the box over. On the bottom, place the caster wheels in all four corners and trace the screw holes with a pencil. 

drilling a hardwood board


Drill small guide holes for the screws (4 for each wheel). 

Tightening of screw using screw driver on a table.


Then place the wheels over the holes and screw in the screws under tight and sturdy. 

Wooden chair with wheels.

It’s that easy! Turn the box over and fill with items like shoes that will be able to collect dust. If you’re concerned about dust, be sure to package items inside of airtight bags before storing under the bed.