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When redesigning your home, it’s always a bonus when you find little ways to make the process a little bit easier. So when TikTok users discovered target.com’s Home Planner feature, it became a game-changer. Game. Changer.

Earlier this week, interior designer Preston Konrad shared a TikTok video with his 98,000 followers that showcased the Home Planner, and it’s safe to say that it stirred up some excitement on the social media platform—the clip currently has almost 600,000 views and over 64,000 likes.

“I just found the craziest home design hack on Target dot com,” said Konrad as he introduced the clip. “You’re going to be obsessed,”

The Home Planner feature allows you to digitally plan out your space, adding your favorite Target products to the virtual layout to help visualize your desired look.

To access the clever planner, head to the Home landing page on target.com before scrolling all the way to the bottom. Once you get to the Home Planner banner, click on “build from scratch” and let your imagination run wild. You can opt for various rooms in the house—bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, home offices, nurseries, and more—as well as setting custom room dimensions in line with those in your own home.

“You can literally design or redesign any space. You just put in the dimensions under ‘edit space’. Wall color, flooring type; they’ve got everything,” continued Konrad.

After you’ve designed your space and happy with the finished look, there’s an option to shop all (or some) of the products you’ve selected.

Konrad’s followers were super impressed with the discovery, taking to the comments to share their delight for the Home Planner feature.

“Why isn’t this common knowledge[?]” one person commented, with Konrad replying: “I know I feel like I’ve discovered something major lol!!”

“No sir I don’t need another opportunity to spend all my money at Target” another wrote.

A third said: “Oh my god you just fixed my entire life”.

While the feature is perfect for those who are actually in the process of designing a space, it will also serve as a fun activity for those who are passionate about interior design… or The Sims, as one person commented: “Sims 4 players have entered the chat”.