Does the Huggaroo Embrace seem gimmicky? Absolutely. I mean, it’s literally a wearable hot bottle. I actually got mine as a gift in a press mailer at the beginning of last year, and I loved and used it so much though that I’ve since bought more from Amazon to give as gifts to friends and family. 

Think of this wrap like a tiny weighted blanket specially designed for relaxing your shoulder area — only better, since it can also be warmed in the microwave for extra toastiness. Once heated, you simply drape it around your neck, velcro it in place, and just go about doing whatever it is you want to do; the Huggaroo’s weight, derived from its clay bead and flax seed filling, keeps it from slipping and sliding so its warmth and deep pressure can go to work on small knots and general tension on your shoulder blades and neck. Does it feel like a professional massage? Not exactly; I don’t want to over-promise. Wearing mine when reading or watching TV though is a little act of self-care that I, no joke, enjoy on both cold and hot days alike (and do so most nights).

Unlike a standard electric blanket, which is powered by current, the Huggaroo’s fairly small and cordless, meaning the heat’s not oppressive (it lasts about 15 minutes or so), and you’re not tethered to an outlet should you want to get something done around the house with one on. I like to take a beat to wear mine though; putting it on always feels calming and soothing the same way a larger weighted blanket does. Even better, the Huggaroo can be used like a general hot/cold pad, so it’s great if you ever have a need for that due to injury or anything else.

Danielle Blundell

Home Editor

Danielle Blundell is AT’s Home Director and covers decorating and design. She loves homes, heels, the history of art, and hockey—but not necessarily always in that order.

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