As any homeowner knows, maintaining a property is a time-consuming process that can take up a large chunk of your week. And for many of us, the process is even more laborious because of how we’ve chosen to decorate and design our homes. By choosing alternative materials and switching up your decor, you can create a low maintenance home that’s easier to keep clean and tidy, so you can spend more time enjoying your property rather than simply maintaining it.

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Choose furniture wisely

If you have kids or pets in your home, you’ll know just how quickly furniture can become a burden, whether it’s spills from drinks and food or pet hair. You might regret just how much money you’ve invested in your furniture if you spend every day worrying about stains and pet hair sticking to it. So, when it comes to choosing furniture, think about the practicalities of your lifestyle and how easy the materials will be to clean. Leather is a great material to choose for low maintenance cleaning, as it can be wiped clean in most instances, and microfibre or vinyl are also quick to clean. For dining room furniture, consider chairs with removable seat pads as these can be thrown in the wash easily.

Remove carpets

Carpets are comfortable underfoot and come in a range of patterns and colours to suit your interior decor. But there’s no denying that they’re a lot more work to upkeep than hard floors. From vacuuming regularly to clear the floor of hair and dust to cleaning up spills quickly so they don’t stain, they’re far from low maintenance. By swapping out the carpets in your home, you can save yourself a lot of work and maintenance, plus you can add resale value to your home since more and more buyers look for laminate or hardwood floors in prospective properties. LVT floors are just as warm and cosy around the home as carpets, whether you’re installing it in the living room, kitchen or bedrooms, and it’s incredibly practical for busy homes. 

Avoid open-plan kitchens

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Open-plan kitchen layouts are popular for a contemporary look and they provide spectacular impact for your property. But you might be surprised to learn that they’re actually quite time-consuming to maintain. Since all of your plates, glasses and cooking vessels are on display, they’re prone to getting coated in grease, dust and fumes from cooking. This means you spend much more time cleaning them than you would if they were stored behind a cupboard door. What’s more, you can’t hide clutter on open shelves, so you’ll need to spend time making sure they look presentable everyday if you want your kitchen to stay tidy. A compromise is to use semi-gloss cabinet doors which are easy to wipe down and still look modern and fresh, or choose glass-fronted cabinets. You will still need to keep the contents tidy due to visibility, but will at least have less cleaning to do. 

Avoid matte finishes

Matte paint and wallpaper should be avoided if you’re seeking a lower maintenance home, since it’s tough to clean and can mark and stain easily. Families with young children or pets, in particular, should stick to finishes that can be wiped or scrubbed without it damaging the surface. Shinier finishes, such as gloss, semi-gloss or even eggshell finishes are smoother. As a result grime and dirt won’t cling as easily, so they can be wiped down quickly to restore them. 

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Stick to large-format surfaces

In bathrooms and kitchens, you’re likely to find tiling. Tiles are great for preventing water and splashes from ruining your walls, but grout lines can be problematic as dirt, grime and mildew can build up in the crevices. This in turn becomes hard to clean once it’s in place, and can also stain. To make your bathroom easy to keep clean and hygienic, opt for larger tiles to minimise grout lines or avoid them completely by installing aqua wall panels which cover the entire wall and have no grouting at all, making them incredibly easy to maintain. 

Reduce uneven surfaces

Uneven, textured and ornate surfaces are a popular addition to modern homes, and while they look beautiful, they are a magnet for dirt and dust which can accumulate over time. This means you’ll have to clean them more often to keep these areas of the property pristine. If you’re hoping to keep things simpler when it comes to the housework, choosing smooth lines and even surfaces will prevent a build-up of grime and keep your home looking fresher for longer, without the need for constant cleaning on your part. 

Key takeaways

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Our lives are busy enough without the need to add to our to-do list with more housework and cleaning. But we still want to ensure we’re surrounded by a clean and tidy home every day. Making a few simple but impactful changes to your decor can make your home easier to manage and will also prevent it from looking worn and drab so quickly.