It’s the start of the new year, and the time when many of us are thinking about home updates for the rest of the year. We’ve rounded up our pick of  predictions for what’s going to be in for 2022.

Nature-inspired design

Taking inspiration from nature isn’t a new trend – in fact, it’s been near the top of the list for the last few years. We that its enduring popularity is due to a combination of factors – an interior inspired by nature is calming and mood boosting. Think natural materials such as stone and wood, and earth colours like oranges, browns, rusts and terracotta.

Chelwood reclaimed wood bedside table, £235 from Modish Living

The pandemic has made many of us look at our homes in different ways, and we want them to be places of cosy nurture where we can retreat and feel safe. Talking to the US edition of Vogue magazine, Erick Garcia of the Los Angeles-based design firm Maison Trouvaille said that his clients are currently asking for ‘warmth, comfort and airiness’ which dovetails neatly with the nature trend.

Curved and rounded surfaces

Rosewood round velvet cushion, £25 from Mint & May

We’re all feeling a little fragile after the last couple of years, and curved lines feel more welcoming and friendlier than hard, angular surfaces. Flowing and organic is in, rigid and geometric is out. You can soften existing furniture with the addition of rounded cushions and place circular rugs on bare floorboards to tap into this trend.

Outdoor living

Indoor outdoor striped floor cushion, £55 from Cox & Cox (product launches 1/2/2022)

Unsurprisingly, outdoor living is set to be a big trend in 2022. With many people having limited outdoor space to set or store garden furniture, we predict the rise of more rustic living room furniture which will stand being carried outside when necessary. Simple wooden or metal-framed sofas with loose cushions are lightweight and can be transferred easily to doorways or taken outside. Floor cushions, low tables and blankets will help to create a relaxed picnic vibe.

Tactile textures

As we’ve been spending so much more time in our homes, many of us have been discovering that when it comes to home furnishings our sense of touch can be just as important as our sense of sight. What could be nicer than wrapping yourself in a chunky blanket when it’s a bit chilly? Look for natural fibres such as linen, cotton, wool, jute and hemp for soft furnishings, and raw wood and stone for accents on furniture.

Vintage vibes

Fairtrade supplier Ian Snow specialises in vintage and reclaimed products. Take a look at their range of vintage saris, priced at £19 for rayon and £29 for silk. These are ideal for a range of home decor DIY projects, and you won’t find that anyone else has the same one!

Vintage is still huge in the interior design world. It’s environmentally friendly, and many people love the idea that they’re acquiring a unique piece with its own back story. In addition, the process of tracking down your perfect find can be fun! Days out at flea markets, antiques fairs or even car boot sales can be surprisingly rewarding. Mix vintage finds with contemporary accessories to prevent your interior feeling dated – for example, give an original Victorian chaise longue a twist with cushions in bright. modern colours and fabrics. Some designers are tapping into this trend by using vintage fabrics and materials to make modern pieces, such as curtains made from vintage sari material.

If you’re sure whether or not a trend is for you, dip your toe in with inexpensive accessories such as throws and soft furnishings before committing to a full makeover. Just because something is on trend, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you and the main driving factor as to what’s in your home should be your own taste.

Main image: Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash