An important part of the home interior design process is making a good first impression with visitors to your home. You want to show off your best assets and hide any flaws that might turn away potential buyers.

You want your home to be clean, well-lit, and attractive to entice potential buyers or visitors. The following interior design tips will help increase your home’s value, give it a more polished look, and help you make a quicker sale.

1.      Keep It Bright

Biophilic design focuses on ways to bring the natural world into home interiors
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When it comes to home design, lighting makes an interior space welcoming, warm and open. Use as many lights as possible to brighten up your home’s interior; natural light is even better.

It’s also important to ensure that everything in your entryway looks clean and in order. Even small details can make an impact; place a vase full of fresh flowers on your table or make your home a little greener. The goal here is to keep things clear, bright, and welcoming.

2.      Work On Your Walls

Your walls can make or break your design, especially if you’re trying to sell a home. The best way to make an initial good impression is with neutral colours, large wall hangings, and clean lines. Hang art on blank walls to add some life and create an atmosphere that feels warm and welcoming.

Create a collection of paintings, sculptures, photos, and other artworks that you’re drawn to. Curating your own art collection can bring colour and interest into your home decor without breaking your budget. Take one room at a time, starting with one wall, and hang up pieces that look exciting in both form and content.

3.      Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Cosy kitchen diner in an apartment property
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The kitchen and bathroom are often overlooked as rooms that need an interior makeover. If your kitchen or bathroom hasn’t been updated in a while, consider planning for a smooth renovation project before listing your home. A fresh look will help attract buyers. When you’re ready to sell, these are two rooms that can allow your place to make that great first impression you want.

4.      Consider an Open Space Interior Design

The most basic rule of interior design is that you want to make your house feel as spacious as possible. Open space designs are best suited to those of us with modest square footage, as they allow light to flood into spaces and create that welcoming feeling.

If there’s an area in your home where two rooms intersect, you can opt to leave it open or build walls to divide it up into different spaces. These might include an open-plan kitchen, dining room, or living room. Be sure to remove clutter from these areas as well. Keeping them clear makes it feel like they’re all in one space.

Clear, fresh and bright open plan home
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Home interior design plays an essential role in turning your house into an attractive home, and it can make or break your first impression when selling a home. Potential buyers will be looking at the way you’ve decorated the space, along with how well-kept everything looks. I’s important to avoid cutting any corners when it comes to how you present your home to others.