Real Talk: What's the Best Holiday Cookie?

I never believed in Santa Claus.

I was raised in a pragmatic and practical household. My parents were, and are, no-nonsense folk. Keen on traditions, but not fond excess frill. This was true during the holidays, too. From the very beginning, there was no Santa. He was just a story, a nice idea. Instead of the jolly man in the red suit, there was gratitude for one another, and drawn-out appreciation for gifts received (we were only allowed to open two gifts a day – one in the morning and one at night – for the duration of the twelve days of Christmas, or until the gifts ran out). I don’t feel like I missed out having a childhood without Santa. If anything, I’m kind of glad I got to skip the heartbreak of realizing he was just a fantasy. You know where I did miss out, though? In the Christmas cookie department. Big time.          

No Santa equals no need for cookies and milk left by the tree on Christmas Eve! Instead, us kids had to eat weird, dry fruit cake and wait all the way until Christmas morning to raid our stockings for something sweet. 

As with many things, my holiday traditions have changed and shifted as I move through adulthood. Big-batch cookie making was part of my fiancee’s childhood, and now I can’t image a December without sprinkles! We have standard bakes in our household that we make every year (a tried-and-true sugar cookie recipe passed down through generations). There are some favorites, and some that we don’t bother with. 

There isn’t a cookie I hate, but there are definitely some that I don’t feel are worth the effort. Snickerdoodles? Eh, I could take or leave ’em. I brought this fact up casually in the office the other day, and was met with disbelief and slightly-offended feelings from others in the Curbly team. 

Which makes me wonder – what is the best Christmas cookie? Which baked goodie represents all the warm, snuggly feelings of the holidays?

What is the best Christmas cookie? Leave us a comment letting us know!

Real talk: What is the best Christmas cookie?

So which cookie is the one you leave out for Santa? Gingerbread? Thumbprint? Chocolate chip? For me, I think it has to be a good sugar cookie. One with plenty of butter than can be easily decorated. I mean, how can you top decorating cookies while watching a horrible Hallmark movie? That’s about as Christmas-y as it gets. 

Share your vote for the best Christmas cookie in the comments below! 

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