Staging a house is the process of not only preparing a house for sale, but presenting the house in such a way that it highlights its best features and makes it all the more appealing to potential buyers. It includes decluttering, removing personal belongings, and adding furnishings and decorations to make the home look in tip-top shape.

It might seem like a waste of time and money to stage your home for sale, but there are many benefits to doing so. In fact, staging is one of the most cost-effective ways you can make your house more appealing to buyers. 

How much does it cost to stage a house?

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According to the real estate agency Modern Realty Guam as well as National Association of REALTORS, the average national cost to stage a home in the US is $1530, although that price can of course vary depending on several factors. These affecting factors include the time your home spends on the market, how many rooms you’re having staged, and the overall condition of your home.

Typically, the initial consultation on a house staging can be anywhere from $300 to $600. After that, you’ll be charged approximately $500 to $600 per month for as long as your house is on the market. If your house is needing major furniture rentals, the cost per month will be on the higher end. If you’re strictly having someone suggest how you should rearrange your own furniture or instruct you as to which decor you should highlight or remove, you’ll keep the cost on the lower end of the spectrum. Each house is unique and each staging company may offer different levels of services.

What are the benefits of staging a home for sale?

First off, when people come into a staged home they will be able to imagine themselves living in that space. They can picture their furniture in that room or imagine what the kitchen would feel like if they cooked in it every day. This means people who see homes with good staging have an easier time picturing them as their own and making decisions about whether or not they want to buy them.

Secondly, staged homes tend to sell faster than those that are not staged. This is because when people come to see a staged home, they know it’s ready to be moved into and don’t have to wait for the seller to do any work.

Thirdly, staging can help you get more money for your home. This is because potential buyers will be more willing to pay a higher price if the house has been updated and is looking great.

Lastly, staging will increase your exposure to buyers and can lead to more people viewing your home. For all of these reasons, it’s definitely worth spending the time and money on good staging.

When should you stage a house? 

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Typically, it’s best to schedule staging as close to the time that your house will be shown by agents. The more time agents have with which to show your home, the more likely they are to recommend staging. If an agent is about to show your house and sees that you haven’t done any staging, they may very well recommend that the potential buyers wait until you do stage your home. 

There is no “set in stone” rule about when to stage your home. It all depends on how much time you have before your house goes on the market as well as how much money you’re willing to spend on staging. 

To ensure that potential buyers get the best impression of your home from the get-go and as such are more likely to make an offer, it’s best to stage your home before it goes on the market. This way it looks great and you don’t run the risk of not getting any offers because the house isn’t looking its best. If you’re unable to stage your home before it goes on the market, make sure that at least someone is there every time a showing agent comes by so they can give your home a “once over” and get rid of any clutter or other problems that may be distracting buyers from making an offer.

Are there any drawbacks of staging a home for sale? 

The main issue with staging is you’ll be spending money every month paying for someone to stage your house. This can get very expensive depending on how long your house sits on the market and how much work needs to be done. However, when you consider how much money you can make back in the sale of your home, as well as how quickly it will sell, the cost is definitely worth it. 

In some cases, you can do what’s called “pre-staging” which involves putting together your own version of a staged home by removing all of the clutter and decorating according to a set style. This will help you save some money, but it’s important to make sure that everything is done correctly or it could actually end up hurting your chances of selling.

Overall, if you have the money and time, staging is a great way to go. It can lead to a faster sale, more money for your home, and more buyers seeing your property. Just make sure you factor in the cost and that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Otherwise, it may not be worth it.

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Is staging worth the cost or not?

Staging your home before it goes on the market is definitely worth the cost. Not only does it make your home more appealing to buyers, but it will also help you get a better price and sell faster. In short, staging is one of the best ways to make sure your house sells as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.