Roundup- 10 Stylish Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards

By now, I am sure your mailbox is starting to be flooded with Christmas cards from your family and friends. Can I mention the fact that I have not sent mine yet? My friends and family might get my family card until sometime in February…or maybe March. Anyway, It really is a fun time of year to get updates on all your friends. Here are some fun ways you can display your Christmas cards you will receive this year.   

1. DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Card Holder by Emily Henderson for Redbook

2. Hang your cards on garland draped over a doorway.  This is how we display our cards in my home.

3.  Cover a bulletin board with all your cards.

4.  Make a String Christmas Tree for your cards. This project is adorable and you probably have all you need already.

5. String up your cards across a window.

6. Card garland would be beautiful along your stair banister. 

7. This DIY wood and string Christmas Tree for your cards is pretty fun and modern.

8. Store your cards in a basket. 

9. Cover a door with Christmas cards.

10. Make a Washi tape gallery wall of cards.

Roundup- 10 Stylish Ways to Display Your Christmas Cards
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How do you display your Christmas cards? I would also love to hear about what you do with all the cards when Christmas is over.

If you are like me and haven’t sent your Christmas Card, check out this list of 100+ handmade Christmas Cards!