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Few holiday rom-coms can compete with the joyous chaos of “The Princess Switch” trilogy. The first installment saw Vanessa Hudgens taking on two roles in a “Parent Trap“-meets-“Love Actually” plot, complete with fictional European countries, a foreign prince, and, of course, a festive baking competition. In the sequel, viewers got not two but three Vanessa Hudgens in a festive three-way swap, while the third film provided a wild heist — with a few more swaps thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, this holiday trilogy can be gobbled up faster than one of American Vanessa Hudgens’ award winning baked goods. 

If you’re still eager for more lighthearted holiday romance, there’s plenty more where that came from. Here are the must-watch films for fans of “The Princess Switch” that are sure to satisfy all of your holiday rom-com cravings.

While this Netflix rom-com may not have a prince(ss), it certainly has all of the elements you need from a cozy Christmas romance. In “The Holiday Calendar,” a photographer is given a magical advent calendar that has the power to predict each day in the run up to Christmas. And, of course, an unexpected romance is all part of the calendar’s plan.

“The Holiday” is a classic, feel-good holiday romance that stars Cameron Diaz as a successful business owner from L.A. and Kate Winslet as a journalist from the British countryside suffering from the cruelties of unrequited love. When the pair switch places for the holidays — sound familiar? — they expand their horizons and, in the process, meet a few very charming guys (played by none other than Jude Law and Jack Black, to name a few). 

After watching Hudgens in “The Princess Switch” movies, you’ll be pleased to know that she acts in another festive rom-com, “The Knight Before Christmas.” In this festive film, Hudgens plays a modern day school teacher who crosses paths with a knight from the medieval times — just in time for Christmas.

“Last Holiday” is a joyous rom-com starring Queen Latifah as a department store assistant who decides to go on an extravagant trip through Europe after learning she has a terminal illness. This film is perfect for fans of “The Princess Switch,” as it serves as a reminder that when you’re brave enough to make bold changes in your life, the results can be truly magical.

You may remember that this one was something of a sensation when it premiered in 2017. Still, it’s worth a revisit (or a first watch!). “A Christmas Prince” has a lot of the elements that make “The Princess Switch” movies so addictive — a fictional European land, a dashing Prince, and mistaken identities. If you look closely, you’ll even see the couple from this movie pop up in the coronation scene of “The Princess Switch”!

In “Holiday Rush,” a widowed radio DJ loses his job and is forced to move into his aunt’s house along with his four children. His kids have to adjust to their new surroundings — and his exciting new romance — as Christmas approaches. If you loved Stacy’s sweet BFF and his adorable daughter in “The Princess Switch,” this holiday rom-com will not disappoint.

In this charming movie, a political advisor named Erica is tasked with investigating an Air Force base in Guam. When the captain insists on doing the yearly “Christmas drop,” she learns a little about the meaning of Christmas — and a little about romance, too. This rom-com is the perfect example of the age-old “opposites attract” trope. If you loved Stacy’s unlikely spark with Prince Edward in “The Princess Switch,” “Operation Christmas Drop” will probably leave you weak at the knees.

In “The Family Stone,” a young woman heads to her fiancé’s home for Chrismas to meet his family for the first time. Just like “The Princess Switch,” this movie features a romantic take on the falling for the wrong person — luckily, it all ends happily. Plus, with an all-star cast that includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, Claire Danes, and Luke Wilson, you really can’t go wrong.