If you’re planning a smart, new kitchen, or are on a mission to impress your friends and family by taking your culinary skills to the next level, then you need the right tools for the job. And a new, modern range cooker from Stoves offers the ideal solution.

With over 100 years up there at the forefront of British kitchen engineering and innovation, Stoves sets a high standard, and you can see that in the design and performance of the new Precision range.

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If a new rangecooker is on your wishlist, Stoves has 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm models that come with splashbacks and hoods to match. Or if your kitchen is more on the compact size, check out the  550mm and 600mm cookers, which allow you to get the look of a range, but are designed to fit a smaller space.

Stoves range ovens are incredibly versatile and deliver unbeatable results. From dishes for amateur cooks to gourmet chef-style meals, the ovens will cook any meal to perfection — easily, safely, and quickly.

Quad Oven with Proflex Splitter

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This clever piece of kit converts the Tall Titan Oven into two separate Equiflow fan ovens. A genius solution, the Proflex Splitter allows you to effectively cook with four ovens.

Enjoy clever tech with Stoves Umbra Glass

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Ticking both box when it comes to style and functionality, Stoves Umbra Glass is black when the oven is off (perfect for a sleek, smart kitchen look), and then the glass becomes transparent when cooking, meaning you can keep an eye on your baking without opening the door.

‘We’re keen bakers in my family,’ says Ideal Home’s Editor Heather Young. ‘My kids would love to watch what’s happening to their bakes inside the oven, and it means we can take them out when they’re ready, rather than continuously opening the oven door to check on them.’

Make meals quickly with Stoves Steam & Infuse

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Not only does steaming your food from the inside out optimise the taste and texture of your food, steam cooking has another big plus point for busy families: steam can cook food up to 20% faster, so you can get meals served up in no time.

‘I often leave starting the dinner until it’s too late, and the kids are getting hangry!’ Heather says. ‘With the Steam & Infuse oven, I can head off mealtime meltdowns and serve up healthy, tasty food, without a long wait time for the more impatient members of the family.’

Cook to the max with the Quad Oven

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The Quad Oven has everything you need from one oven. Its four oven cavities – Maxi-Grill conventional oven; multifunction oven with 11 different cooking functions  Equiflow fan oven, and electric slow cook oven – offer maximum versatility and high performance.

Available from AO.com, Wren Kitchens, John Lewis & Partners, and other premium independent retailers. Discover more at stoves.co.uk