Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary…

and after years of remodeling, restyling, and designing projects for our clients, we’ve noticed that the bedroom is often one of the most overlooked spaces in the home. While the bedroom might not be the most seen by visitors, it is likely one of the rooms where you spend the most time, so it’s worth putting extra time and intention into designing a space that feels like a retreat.

Although every space is different, we like to follow a few basic steps when designing a bedroom, big or small.

Step No. 1: Space plan for the shape of your room 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re giving your bedroom space a refresh, identifying the essentials based on the shape and function of your room is always the best place to start. In a smaller bedroom space, you may only have room for a bed and nightstands but no dresser, or you may have room for one nightstand, depending on how the door opens and where the windows are placed. When possible, we avoid placing the bed in front of any window to get the most natural light possible.

No matter what the size of your bedroom space is, measuring is essential! In a uniquely shaped bedroom, look for opportunities to add function in every corner, be it a small desk or seating area! If you’re working in your own home, you can even tape out markings for where the pieces will be placed based on your measurements.

Step-by-step Bedroom Design Basics
Step-by-step Bedroom Design Basics

Step No. 2: Select your bed 

Since the bed is typically the focal point of any bedroom space, it’s usually the first furniture piece we select when designing a bedroom. Whether you choose something minimal or statement-making, the bed sets the tone for the room, influencing every other element in the space.

In smaller, darker bedroom spaces, we like using lighter-colored, upholstered beds to create the illusion of openness and bring a softened feeling to the room. In bedrooms where we want to make a statement or draw the eye up to tall ceilings, we may choose something that calls more attention and adds drama, like a canopy bed.

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Step-by-step Bedroom Design Basics
Step-by-step Bedroom Design Basics