<AD> With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start getting the mistletoe and garlands out. When decorating for the holidays, your kitchen may be one of the last places you think of. But as the heart of the home, your kitchen will be on show throughout the Christmas festivities. From pumping out gingerbread to cooking your Christmas feast, your kitchen sees a lot of action over Christmas. Today we’re looking at Christmas kitchen design ideas to keep your kitchen cosy and full of cheer this holiday season

Scents of the season

Scent is a key trigger for memory and can even affect our mood. So it’s no surprise the scent of pine and cinnamon can transport us back to warm memories of Christmas past. We all know the power the smell of fresh-baked cookies or a Sunday roast can have over our senses. By creating an inviting smell scape, we can subconsciously bolster the warm holiday feelings that come with Christmas. Try adding an essential oil diffuser or scented candle with a festive scent like cloves, spiced orange, or pine to your kitchen

Deck the Halls

Wreaths and garlands don’t need to be restricted to outdoor spaces. As far back as the Greeks and Romans, we have brought greenery into our homes in winter to remind us of our connections with nature and a symbol of victory over the harshness of winter. While traditions and meanings may have changed, the tradition of adorning our homes with garlands and wreaths of evergreen, holly and mistletoe remains today. Try lining the top of your cupboards with festive garlands to add a splash of holiday spirit, or hang a wreath in your kitchen. Feeling adventurous? Why not forage foliage from your garden. Ivy, holly and mistletoe are all readily available options that say Christmas without all the holiday kitsch.

Stunning white kitchen with a gorgeous decorated Christmas tree in the corner
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Two Trees

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Christmas tree. But in the kitchen?! While it may seem like a revolutionary idea, having two Christmas trees is a great way to compromise between design and inclusivity in your home. While the tree in your living room is the main event, a smaller tree in the kitchen is a great way to bring the holiday spirit into your kitchen space. Get the kids involved and let them decorate the kitchen tree with all their favourite (and your least favourite) baubles. If your kitchen lacks the floor space for a standing tree, why not go for a table-top or small potted variety. Their small size makes them easy to move for busy times when you need more counter space. If one just isn’t enough, add miniature trees to create the feel of a winter forest. Don’t forget to add fairy lights for an atmospheric twinkle between the branches.

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