Every year it feels like we’re the last bloggers in all of blogland to get our gift guide up (is it me or are they coming out earlier and earlier?!), but the deed is done! We just do one post with three categories (adults, kids, and under $25), so here it is. We love including small makers and Black-owned businesses as well as some tried & true items from larger companies that we’ve bought & loved (like a favorite book, family game, etc) so let’s get into it.

Young House Love Holiday Gift Guide 2021 Main Collage

Gifts For Grown-Ups

Here’s what we’re loving, either firsthand items that we’ve bought and enjoyed ourselves, things we’re getting for friends & family, or items that we’re hoping to find under the tree ourselves (hint, hint John).

Young House Love Holiday Gifts for Grown-Ups Collage 2021

  1. These rose gold birthstone rings feel so special and her reviews are stellar ($50)
  2. I want this “Distracted By Plants” shirt & know 7 friends who’d also want it ($14)
  3. Oprah put this chic Linen Wireless Charger on her fav. things list. Sold! ($40)
  4. I own this crystal suncatcher. It’s a rainbow-making work of art ($34)
  5. So into with these celestial charm necklackes by one of my fav. makers ($36)
  6. Nedra Tawwab’s Set Boundaries, Find Peace is such a great read ($18)
  7. This set of 2 ceramic rainbow wind chimes are like a smile for your yard ($84)
  8. A wooden engraved watch feels so dapper & personal ($41+)
  9. I bought & love this small crossbody bag (so many colors! $70)
  10. This personalized wood recipe binder becomes a family heirloom ($25+)
  11. Weird flex but I love this sunscreen so much I want more in my stocking ($34)
  12. This bluetooth speaker is our go-to beach music player (many colors! $33)
  13. John’s fav 2021 read, Home Before Dark is for fans of ghost stories & The Haunting Of Hill House.
  14. I personally own this Fitbit Luxe and I LUXE IT. Jk, but I love it ($100)
  15. I have at least 2 brothers-in-law who’d love this hot sauce making kit ($53)
  16. My favorite steamer ($60) and fabric shaver ($12) make my life easier! Practical gifts for the win.
  17. This monogrammed clutch feels personal & comes in lots of colors ($39)
  18. I personally own a bunch of Helobirdie prints and they’re beautiful. ($26)
  19. I own this reversible tote (the brown/black) & it goes with everything! ($45)
  20. Look how sweet these personalized wooden dog ornaments are ($15)

Gifts For Kids

Here are a bunch of ideas for the little ones in your life. We own and love many of these ourselves – or they’re items that we’re buying our kids or considering for other little friends & cousins.

Young House Love Holiday Gifts for Kids Collage 2021

  1. Our son recently loved this Rock Painting Kit. Great rainy day activity! ($15)
  2. 50 Adventures in 50 States is beautiful and packed with fun facts ($14)
  3. We own & love this surfer beach toy. The waves “surf” it back to you! ($25)
  4. We gave our kids What Do You Meme? Family Edition last year and it has been a favorite ever since ($20)
  5. This Popper Purse pops, carries stuff, & is burger-shaped. Win-win-win. ($9)
  6. The Shashibo Fidget Cube is a shape-shifting magnetica box that our son played with forever at a friend’s house! So Grammy’s getting him one this year ($25)
  7. Kids can assemble this DIY Kaleidoscope Kit and then put different things in the viewfinder to see what shapes and patterns they make ($45)
  8. Our kids love Buildzi & it’s from the makers of Tenzi – another fav of ours ($28)
  9. Tween me would’ve loved this personalized neon sign so much ($30)
  10. These African swaddle blankets are just beautiful ($22)
  11. This Dogs With Jobs Puzzle is hilarious and fun ($14)
  12. I’ve adored these HarperIman dolls for years. Beautiful & soft. ($35)
  13. We got our kids this ladder golf set after they played it at a friends’ house for hours. The “golf balls” are rubber, so you fear less for heads & windows ($29)
  14. I read Dress Coded and loved it. Great for 7-9th graders & parents alike ($15)
  15. Our kids make videos in the pool & gulf with this underwater camera ($66)
  16. Our daughter’s getting this cozy 7lb llama-tastic kids weighted blanket ($55)
  17. This crochet kit is a fun new craft to learn that ends with a stuffed animal! ($25)
  18. We bought these light-up slap bracelets for night walks, but the kids make up tons of games with them too. And they’re only about $2 each! ($14 for 6)
  19. We love this series of Alphabet Legends Books that highlight legendary people from all walks of life. Click that link to see all the awesome categories of legends that they have! ($20)
  20. These cheeky enamel pet tags crack us up. One says “Have your people call my people” and they even have a hamburger! ($28)

Gifts Under $25

This is my favorite category every year because you know I love a deal – and so many of these still feel special and personal. There are even a few items under $10 that would make great stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts, or white elephant ideas.

Young House Love Holiday Gifts for Grown-Ups Collage 2021

  1. These sweet soy arch candles are just $9 each! I think I’m in love.
  2. We own this $9 two-pack of soft airPod cases to distinguish mine from Johns. There are tons of color combos & they’re under $5 each!
  3. I own this dots planter ($22) – pair it with a hard-to-kill plant ($16)
  4. This monogram necklace is just $20 and feels so delicate and personalized.
  5. Is this $14 “Spreadsheet” Mug a John gift or what?! Their shop has a bunch of options & designs.
  6. We own & love this $10 s’mores roasting sticks set & friends always ask us where we got ’em (they’re reusable & retractable!)
  7. We ordered this $20 ten-pack of color flame packs to spice up our firepit nights with some magical colors.
  8. I love my disco ball for the fun reflections & these colors are so good! ($18)
  9. These $16 gold hoop earrings are gorgeous & this small shop has rave reviews.
  10. I bought this $10 rainbow-making window sticker & love it. HUGE RAINBOWS!
  11. This $12 “Too Peopley Outside” mug is for those no bones days. Fill it with candy or hot cocoa for extra credit.
  12. For under $20 you can turn a furry friend into a verrry fancy custom renaissance pet portrait.
  13. I read People We Meet On Vacation & loved it. Light & easy & I LOLed ($10)
  14. We own & love a Magic Puzzle – it shape shifts into a 2nd design! ($20)
  15. “That’s What She Said” Game ($25) is a fun game night addition for fans of Cards Against Humanity
  16. These gold coin necklaces are so beautiful and many of them are just $23!
  17. This $19 “tea shirt” t-shirt would be perfect for my friend Albie 😉
  18. I bought this $25 Bernie felt ornament & it makes me laugh every time I see it.
  19. I own & love a bunch of these $20 Jar Candles (every scent’s great & they last!)
  20. These $14 turkish towels come in tons of colors & feel like a vacation!

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