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  • Are you allergic to your house? It could be a number of things, but there’s a good chance that breathing in airborne allergens aggravates your airways. To clean the air in your home, you need one of our Black Friday air purifier deals.

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    Pop one of these neatly designed air purifiers in your living room, bedroom or kitchen and they’ll pick up particles like smoke, animal dander, pollen and house dust mites is  The air will flow through filters before being blown back out as fresher, cleaner air.

    Black Friday air purifier deals – quick links

    Black Friday air purifier deals


    AEG AX91-404GY WiFi Connected Air Purifier | was £449, now £299 (save £150)
    Designed for medium-sized rooms up to 38 sq m, and with a minimum noise level of 17dB, this quiet purifier is a good option for a lounge. You can control it with an app, although it will automatically adjust its settings if it senses the air needs more or less filtering, so you shouldn’t need to lift a finger!

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    Blueair Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier | was £349, now £224 (save £125)
    The larger version of our beloved Blueair Blue Pure air purifier range is 36% off at Amazon today, saving you an amazing £125. The purifier is suitable for rooms up to 50m2, promising to remove everything from pollen and dust to mould and viruses.

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    Philips Series 1000i AC1214/60 Smart Air Purifier | was £360, now £240 (save £110)
    This great air purifier from Philips is currently £110 less at Currys, meaning you can get it for a massive 33% less. The 1000i can be controlled via an app right from your phone, with real-time air quality monitoring to help you keep an eye on your surroundings.

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    Hoover HHP50CA Smart Air Purifier | was £400, now £300 (save £100)
    If you’re looking for a multi-purpose device for your home, then you’ll be glad to hear that the Hoover HHP50CA works hard as both an air purifier and an aroma diffuser. That’s right – for £100 less for Black Friday, you can create the soothing oasis of your dreams right at home.

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    Why should I buy an air purifier?

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    If you haven’t used an air purifier before, they are a great way of cleaning the air to remove bacteria, allergens and bad odours. Indoor air pollution is linked to dizziness and headaches, and increased risk of pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung disease, heart disease and stroke. And it can be caused by seemingly harmless chemically-laden products like paint, cleaning sprays and air fresheners.

    ‘There’s mounting evidence that indoor pollution can pose more of a health threat than outdoor pollutants,’ says biochemist and medical herbalist Dr Chris Etheridge. ‘Improving indoor air quality is key to tackling asthma and COPD.’

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    And while we can’t affect the air pollution outside directly, we can clean the indoors with an air purifier.

    An air purifier usually works by sucking in air and purifying it through water and/or filters before releasing cleaner, fresher air. Using one will promote easier breathing and improved sleep. You may also notice an increase in energy levels.

    Using an air purifier can be as powerful as having hundreds, if not thousands, of houseplants around the house. And it won’t need nearly as much looking after!