Searching for a world clock? Whether it’s for your home office for clients ease or your living room for wall art, this purchase ought to make it easy to tell the time across the world. No more fiddling around with apps on your phone when you have a clock that counts the hours from different time zones. What’s better than a functional clock? One that’s stylish, too. This is why we’ve put together this shopping edit of the most stylish world clocks out there. Don’t waste another minute.

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Whether you tend to travel a lot, have family and friends abroad or simply just like to know what time it is on the other side of the world, a world clock is a pinnacle of form and function at its best. Plus, they can do more than just tell the time – a clock can function as a striking piece of wall art or decoration. Especially these ones we’ve listed below.

From vintage-inspired designs with Roman numerals to ultra-modern clocks for minimalist interior styles, we’ve scoured the shops to find the best – and most stylish – world clocks for your home or office. Choose something to blend in with your interior style and complement your furniture for a punchy effect. If it’s a specific time zone you want to see, then there are also personalised world clocks out there.

The best world clocks for your home or office