A well-organized kitchen is a beautiful kitchen…. 

and as we get closer to the season for entertaining, baking treats, and spending more and more time in our kitchens, we’re thinking about how to give them an organized refresh. Whether we’re styling the kitchens in our projects, or our own, we’re always considering how to make the most of our display space.  

Here are a few of our favorite kitchen organization tips for a space that’s just as beautiful as it is functional: 

No. 1: Corral everyday objects on a tray for easy access  

One of our favorite ways to bring form and function to the kitchen is by corralling our most-used kitchen objects on a tray for easy access. We love having olive oil, balsamic, honey, or sea salt next to the sink or stovetop. Styling fruit, garlic bulbs, or fresh herbs alongside them is a great way to add some color! 

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4 Kitchen Organization Tips
4 Kitchen Organization Tips