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Earlier this month, TikTok user @JennaAllard posted a video to the platform captioned “Best purchase all year.” The video was a compilation of clips that captured the magical, glorious sparkle effect created by her brand new disco ball globe — which is, quite literally, a disco ball in a traditional globe stand. 

The video went viral, garnering more than 230,000 likes, and everyone needed to know what it is and where to get it.

Jenna pinned a note to the top of the comments section under her video telling followers that she bought the disco globe from a company called Glam Globes and that it’s not actually a functional spinning globe — it’s something much, much better.

This thing is actually a bar cart.

Glam Globes, a U.K.-based company, sells its bar carts in several different finishes like Jenna’s champagne color as well as white, pewter, silver, gold, and black. And the globes themselves come in a handful of fun finishes including traditional silver, gold, and black tiles and silver and gold crackled glass.

The stands come with wheels so that the car can easily be maneuvered around the room, and each globe can hold three average-sized spirit bottles in the center hole and 10 small bottles in the outer rim.

The bottom of the stand has spaces to store up to six spirit bottles or drink glasses.

And though the Glam Globe is impressive on its own, add a bit of light and you have yourself an instant party. Glam Globes start at £160 ($221.44), and international shipping is available.

Thanks to their newfound TikTok fame, a few of the Glam Globes are currently on backorder, so if you see something you like, snag it now and get the party started.

Olivia Harvey


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