Installing energy-efficient windows prevents conditioned air from escaping from the interior of a building, plus they help reduce the transfer of heat into a home. The windows increase insulation,  reducing your daily energy use, and you’ll enjoy increased soundproofing and comfort in your home. Energy efficient windows are available in several design options and can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

To get the full benefits, you’ll need to have the windows installed by professionals, such as qualified glaziers like Scope Glass.

The Cost of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Contemporary architecturally designed property with energy efficient windows
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Although the initial cost of installing Energy Star-rated windows is a little high, you can save a significant amount of money annually.

The energy savings offered by these windows will eventually exceed the initial cost of installation, making them a worthy investment.

You can choose windows that offer the highest energy efficiency to enjoy the hugest energy savings.

Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Installing premium quality windows with high energy efficiency ratings can offer you numerous benefits including:

  1. Improves comfort

Windows rated as energy-efficient assist in maintaining a consistent temperature in a room. They assist in eliminating cold spots during winter and hot spots during summer, so your home will be the optimum temperature all year round.

  1. Saves money and reduces carbon footprint

Research shows that these windows reduce carbon footprint and energy bills by about 12 percent more than standard windows.

Replacing single glazing with double glazing will reduce thermal emissions and increase energy savings significantly. However, the savings may vary based on the kind of windows you choose and different climate conditions.

Some people also make use of roller shutters to cover the windows and close any gaps around the window frame. This along with the shutter’s insulation will help maintain the temperature inside your home, helping you save up to 25% on your electricity bills each quarter.

  1. Certified performance

Windows rated as Energy Star undergo thorough testing. They’re only labelled as Energy Star after getting approval by certified laboratories.

  1. Protects furniture from harmful UV rays

The windows come with a special coating that offers protection against harmful UV rays.

That way, household items such as fabrics, furniture, carpets, rugs, wood, and paintings are protected from fading due to exposure to UV rays. The coating works like sunscreen and doesn’t reduce visibility.

  1. Reduces maintenance needs

Another benefit of installing energy efficient windows is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance due to reduced condensation and they’re less likely to have mould issues.

Additionally, the UV-resistance film on the windows assists in reducing dirt build-up and water spots on the exterior surface, helping to cut down on the amount of cleaning required.

  1. Noise reduction

The airtightness and insulation properties of these windows make them reduce sound transfer. As a result, you’ll enjoy a significant reduction of exterior noise.

Disadvantages of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Generally, installing Energy Star windows is more expensive than regular windows. However, you’ll recoup the cost of installation through the energy savings you’ll make from reduced air conditioning and heating.

Exterior windows on a property with window shutters
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Final Words

Replacing old and worn windows with energy-efficient windows in a commercial or residential property comes with numerous benefits. Most notably, these windows enhance energy efficiency, which in turns allows you to enjoy reduced gas and electricity bills.

Although the initial cost of installation is often high, you’ll recover the investment through monthly energy savings. What’s more, installing these windows could increase the value of your property and reduce your carbon footprint.

When searching for a window installer, check their reviews and request a free quote before hiring them.

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