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Welcome back to One Good Thing! This week I got a tip from a friend that there was a new trend around washing your clothes at home with this thing called the Breathing Mobile Washer. At first I was skeptical and I also thought it looked like a plunger, but then I tested it and found it to be a surprisingly smart new tool for the home. Why? Because, although I have an electric washer in my apartment now, there were many years when I didn’t and this thing would have made my life a lot easier.

Simply put, this Breathing Mobile Washer allows you to wash small batches of clothing really well in your bathtub, sink or a large bucket. Unlike a washing machine which simply agitates the water around your clothes, this thing pushes and pulls water in and out of your clothes, pulling the dirt right out as well. Gentle on the clothes and quick to use, I heartily recommend this as an alternative for any of you who want a great home washing solution when you don’t have a machine. Additionally, it’s good for delicates that you wouldn’t want to put into your machine. Check it out and leave me your comments below!

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