Do you have a spare room, or perhaps a corner, that you’d want to make over? If you have young children, a playroom may be your ideal setting. It’s a place where you could keep all of your toys, gadgets, and dress-up clothes out of the way. But, more importantly, it is a dedicated area for your children. A space where kids can be themselves while having a great time! Here are some hints and pointers to help you create the playroom of your children’s dreams.

Ideas and inspiration for creating the perfect kids play room
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The furnishings you choose will be determined by the activities your children like. For painting and crafts, a low table and chairs are great. Bean bags are always a hit with kids since they are both sensory and comforting. For storytime, you could also include a rocking chair or an extra-comfy sofa. Brightly coloured and multifunctional furniture, such as these colourful interlocking ottomans from Crown Furniture, is always a wonderful choice. You’ll also need plenty of bookshelves, because story time never goes out of style.

Board games and a crafting station

Kids crafting station in a play room
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Once you’ve built a child-size table, make sure they have plenty of things to do with it. Kids enjoy arts and crafts of all kinds, but the messier, the better! Papier mache, googly eyes, and glitter are all popular decorations. In addition, there will be finger painting, drawing, and collage creating. A well-stocked arts and crafts box is a must-have.

If your children prefer board games, you should stock up on those as well. However, there is no need to break the bank. You could get anything from printed playing cards to old school games like operation. Board games can be expensive, and youngsters usually stick to a few favourites. Why not look for fantastic discounts on eBay, car boot sales, and charity shops? Just double-check that all of the pieces are still in place.

Walls and floors

It’s no secret that children adore vibrant colours! Consider painting their favourite colours on the walls. You could also add stencilled artwork of their favourite animals or cartoon characters, or put photos on the wall. You could grab some Wilko chalkboard paint and let the kids scribble all over the walls. For once, it will easily wipe away. You’ll most likely prefer an easy-to-clean surface for the floor. If available, choose linoleum or wood flooring instead of carpet, as carpet will stain. If the play area is in a living room corner, you might need interlocking foam floor tiles or a large play mat.

Imaginative play

Kids love imaginative play and dressing up
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Finally, a dress-up box is a must-have in every child’s playroom! Include a varied choice of costumes and clothing, as well as extra entertaining items like wigs, masks, and possibly even makeup. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing. Most children will be quite pleased with some of your old clothes and some fun stuff from the thrift store. It all comes down to imagination! If you have the space, create a small raised platform to serve as a stage. You could even add a disco ball or a bead curtain for added ambiance. They will have hours of entertainment with an easy-to-use music player.