As an apartment dweller, I always enjoy scoping out the homes featured on Apartment Therapy for ideas that can be used in a petite place like mine. Luckily, there are endless examples of stylish, small-space friendly ideas that pop up every day — so many, in fact, that I took the time to narrow down the very best ones to help you make the most of your small home. The following eight space-saving techniques just might be the best ones I’ve seen so far from the small spaces AT has toured in 2021. Though the square footage in each of these homes may vary, I know one thing’s for sure: Strategic furniture placement is king!

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Be strategic with shelving

These Brooklyn renters also got creative with shelving. They floated a metal unit in the middle of their living space, and it separates the apartment’s work station from its kitchen. If wall space is at a premium, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your layout. So long as you choose a backless or visually light piece for this kind of central placement — and style each shelf in the round so it looks good from all sides — you’ll be golden.

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Perch plants in the kitchen

Maximalists living in small spaces will want to make like these Atlanta renters, who utilized the tops of their kitchen cabinets to showcase plants and a few favorite possessions. When there’s limited room for shelf space in a unit, working off of existing structures and architectural features is key.

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Get crafty in the kitchen

By adding a rolling island to their setup and making valuable use of wall space, these renters mastered small space kitchen storage to a T. Hanging pots and pans on a special wall holder makes it easy to grab tools while cooking and also frees up valuable cabinet space. Petite wooden shelves provide a perfect place to display cookbooks — and with their vibrant colors, the books add plenty of personality to this side of the room.