With people spending more time at home than ever before, many are looking to increase their valuation by renovating their garden or backyard. Giving your backyard a little DIY makeover can provide you and your family a relaxing outdoor space to unwind after work and school. 

With so many ideas for dramatic backyard transformations, it can be hard to know where to draw your inspiration. For those looking to get their hands dirty, here are six ideas for a dramatic backyard transformation.  

Over-seed your lawn for overwhelming results

Create a stunning green lawn by over-seeding
Photo by Andy Watkins on Unsplash

A lush, luxurious green lawn invites people to lie in the sun and curl their toes in the grass. For that thriving turf appearance, try over-seeding your yard. Over-seeding involves planting new grass seed in patchy and thin areas without overturning your soil. When homeowners over-seed, they make their lawns look healthy and full of colour. Over-seeding also makes lawns resistant to insects and lowers the chances of diseased grass.

Homeowners have several grass seeds to choose from, but these are the best options for over-seeding:

  • Annual or perennial ryegrass
  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • Red or tall fescue

For that dramatic before-and-after picture, homeowners should invest in a high-quality grass seed to cover any bald patches in their yard.

Add a patio 

Regardless of the size of your yard, adding a patio immediately creates a dramatic space for entertaining. If you already have a deck or a patio, consider updating it with new flagstones. Rather than making the patio square or rectangular, rounded edges will give it a unique, natural look.

Add some comfortable furniture, a patio umbrella, and a fire pit to create a relaxing space where friends and family enjoy sharing time. You could also add an outdoor rug to make the space more inviting to those who love the great indoors.  

Consider adding patio seating areas in unexpected areas, like near flower beds or under shade trees. When it comes to a DIY backyard reno, it pays to think outside the box. 

Cosy and private outdoor backyard entertaining area
Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Give your small space an upgrade

Homeowners with limited yard space can still transform it into a refreshing outdoor living area. Find pieces that add drama, like moveable water features, plant walls, or small decks. Incorporate your favourite touches, like sculptures, pillows, or anything that makes you want to sit outside and enjoy the space. Smaller spaces can work in your favour if you create a cozy, nook-like atmosphere.

Paint your concrete

Removing concrete is challenging and costly. If you’re stuck with the concrete in your backyard, try freshening up its appearance by painting it. Some homeowners paint their concrete to resemble tile floors, while others paint trendy murals or use stencils to add interest. If you have kids, you can also reserve a section of concrete for chalk murals or hopscotch. 

Build raised beds for dramatic gardening

Garden planters open up the possibility of creating veg gardens in even the smallest of spaces
Photo by Michael PAMBO O. on Unsplash

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your backyard, add raised plant beds of various sizes. The height adds interest, while the plants add colour. The internet is full of DIY plans for building raised beds and planting flowers, berries, and vegetables in them. 

Add unique privacy walls 

Gone are the days of the boring white picket or wooden fence. You can add interest to your backyard by using privacy dividers with greenery and planters. With attractive partitions, green walls, and trellises, backyards become more aesthetically pleasing while maintaining privacy.

Wrap up

Creativity is the key to creating a dramatic and relaxing backyard. With luxurious grass, colourful raised beds, and unique outdoor furniture and structures, revamping your yard is easier than you might think. Consider recycling or repurposing old yard implements to keep the transformation affordable and eco-friendly. Good luck, and don’t be scared to get your hands dirty. 

Featured image credit: House with green lawn Image: Marco De Winter, Unsplash