Bristol, UK-based design engineers Martin Keane and Andrew Flynn have created a planter so sustainable, it could outlive its owner. Called POTR Pots, the planter is said to have a CO2 footprint roughly 100 times smaller than its ceramic or concrete counterparts, thanks to its eco-friendly design. They launched in 2019 and quickly sold its initial batch of 5,000 units, and after being out of stock since October 2020, they’ve finally restocked.

The material, for starters, is made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene, which means it’s waterproof, nearly indestructible, and can be recycled so that it will never have to end up in a landfill.

Its design, meanwhile, allows it to be folded like a piece of origami, so it can fit inside a standard envelope instead of a large box with bubble wrap, making it more carbon-neutral during transport. Once it arrives in the mail, simply pull the cotton drawstring and the POTR Pot will pop together.

The cotton drawstring also serves as a clever self-watering mechanism. It acts as a wick that transfers water from a reservoir and into the soil. The 200-milliliter reservoir can hold enough water for two weeks, which means you’ll seldom have to worry about under or overwatering.

“As product designers we feel we have a real responsibility to ensure that the products we are creating are not having a negative impact on the environment,” said Flynn. “Our mission is to ensure every houseplant gets a greener home. Now we are able to do that.”

You can check their website to learn more and pick up one of your own.