We’re getting to settle into our homes for fall… 

and we can hardly wait for the leaves to change. We love bringing seasonal elements into our spaces to reflect the environment around us. This year, we’re all about cozying up with layers, textures, and accents that create a feeling of comfort.  

Whether you’re looking to add new elements to a specific space or refresh your styling to create the feeling of the season, here are a few simple things you can do to make your home feel like fall:  

No. 1: Add cozy textural elements  

 We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, pillows and throws can go a long way in completely transforming the feeling of a room. In the fall, we love trading out lighter-weight fabrics with heavier, textural materials to add a sense of warmth.  

Add a throw to the end of your bedding look in the bedroom, switch out a few pillows on your sofa, or drape an extra throw on an accent chair to up the coziness.  

From our McGee & Co. Fall Collection

5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall
5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall