Let’s face it – when it comes to shopping for your kitchen, fridges and freezers have never been the most exciting of purchases. More often than not, your choice is limited to a select few styles, colours and finishes, which forces you you to fit a conventional looking appliance into your dream kitchen scheme.

Plus, when it comes to storage it can be tricky to get the balance right. You find you’re left with either too much (or even worse, too little!) fridge or freezer space to meet your needs.

In this world of limited options, Samsung’s new Bespoke range is a breath of fresh air.

What is Samsung Bespoke?

A new and innovative range of modular refrigeration, Samsung Bespoke provides you with a wide array of design options to choose from to suit your needs and your decor.

From single One Door Fridges and One Door Freezers to Classic Fridge Freezers in two sizes, you can choose a single appliance or go modular by placing two (or more) units side-by-side for to build up your ultimate food storage solution.

Bespoke doesn’t stop there either. Each design features special interchangeable door covers in a variety of stylish colourways and finishes, allowing you to choose a specific look to complement your kitchen scheme perfectly.

How can Samsung Bespoke work for me?

Start by building the exact storage you need. For example, your family eats a lot of fresh food and you always need extra fridge space? Try teaming a Bespoke One Door Fridge with a Classic Fridge Freezer to ensure you have plenty of space for all the fresh fruit and veg, meat and dairy your family gets though every week.

Next, if the usual choice of a white, black or stainless steel fridge just doesn’t do it for you and you’re longing for a bit more visual variety and interest, Samsung Bespoke has you covered.

Bespoke features signature door panels in a choice of colours, from a soft neutral beige and elegant navy to warm peach and lavender shades. These also come in a choice of finishes, from sleek, light-reflective glass to a luxe matt terracotta-look material.

What else does Samsung bespoke offer?

On the practical side of things, the range has everything you would expect from a top quality Samsung product.

Inside, the ingenious SpaceMax™ design features thinner cavity walls, giving you heaps more storage within, yet the machine is no less efficient.

The innovative doors are reversible, and thanks to special hinges, they open out fully, too, even if you place them against a wall or beside another appliance from the range.

And if you redecorate or fancy a change after a few years, you can buy brand new panels for a whole new look.

Want to know more about Samsung Bespoke?

Visit Samsung Bespoke to learn all about the range, and have a go at designing your own ideal combination to suit your space, your home and your life.