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Why You Should Keep Vodka With Your Clothes | One Good Thing

Welcome back to One Good Thing, where we keep rolling! You know why? Because we’re having fun and you all seem to keep clicking on us, so that’s as good a reason as I’ve had since Covid began to keep doing anything. AND we love to be helpful.

This week I’ve got a really simple, surprising tip that came from a friend in the theater business, since they have so many opportunities to put on the same clothes and costumes but need to remove those annoying odors that get caught over time. Vodka, it turns out, is a perfect odor remover as it is odorless and colorless itself AND it has a sanitizing effect. You simply spritz your fragrant shirt, coat or pant with vodka and – as it evaporates – it removes all the ugly odors from the fabric. Poof!

Who knew vodka could be so useful?!?! Enjoy and give me your comments, tips and feedback below.

Best, M

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