Finding the ideal heating solution that also works with the aesthetics of your home is important.

Many homeowners don’t realise the potential heights they can reach with their interior design capabilities by simply changing their radiator design. Choosing the right option for your home will not only further compliment the space, but will provide the ultimate heating solution.

Making The Right Choice

Stunning pink column radiator on the wall of a contemporary kitchen
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Whether you are looking to update your home decor, or you are having a complete renovation, taking the time to find the right option is vital.

Many will simply find the first option available, or reuse their already existing options, but making that choice could ultimately stop your home design from fully working together.

Alongside the design aspect, you need to think about the most important aspect, which is the best heating option and price for your budget.

Take the time to research companies, prices and guidelines to see what will truly work best for your home, and more importantly will work alongside your realistic budget.

The Room

The option you choose will massively depend on the rooms of choice you are looking to upgrade.


Looking to add a luxurious feel to your bedroom?

Designer radiators are an amazing option for bedrooms, and also living rooms as they add a contemporary and luxurious feel to the space.

Many designer radiators also offer flat panel, horizontal and vertical options that will complement many spaces and offer the heating options you require.


Tall radiators are without a doubt, one of the best options you can have for every bathroom, as not only do they effectively heat the room, but both curved and flat options keep your towels luxuriously warm.

Designer curved ladder rail style radiator which works great in a bathroom
Designer curved ladder rail style radiator

Image Credit – Lincolnshire Radiators Direct

Living Rooms

Cast iron radiators offer the ideal design options for living rooms as they help in keep with a more traditional aesthetic to your home, but offer modernised heating ergonomics.

Cast iron radiators also offer an abundance of options and choices in terms of heating, which is perfect for living rooms in particular.

Size & Space

Victorian style bathroom with turquoise tiles and a cast iron style radiator
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With many specialists, they will offer a specific option with the size of the radiator to suit your homes needs, and the larger the radiator, the larger the heat output, it can give you a rough idea to compare with your current radiator options to see if this needs to be increased or reduced for your next option.

If you find yourself struggling for space, then consider a smaller radiator, integrated heating, or even a portable option would work best for a smaller space, as the heat will fill the room at a much quicker rate.

Temperature Control

Cat enjoying the perfect radiator temperature in a home
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It is incredibly important that you have a control system, such as a radiator valve in place that can guide the temperature of your radiator, and finding the right temperature for each room can take time, so gaging it for your home will take time.

Furthermore, if you are looking to design your chosen space from scratch, you can also choose your own desired valve options that can work for both your radiator and design.

With the development of heating options being continuous, radiator valve options are growing by the day, so you are not only restricted to the typical chrome choice, but you can also venture out to different colour options and even mattes and metallics.

Radiators are an incredibly important part of any home, but finding the perfect choice for your home requires research and time. Take the time to choose the right option for your home and further improve the aesthetics you dream to showcase.