If you’ve been growing green with envy at your favourite blogger’s immaculate home decor, the increasingly popular modern farmhouse style is likely to blame for your wandering eyes. This interior flair is all about mixing the cozy comforts of farmhouse homes with the sleek, stylish design of modern decor, making it a fan-favourite amongst homeowners who crave functionality and family-friendly design. 

With this comfortably contemporary design steadily increasing in popularity since its debut in 2020, the end of modern farmhouse style interiors is nowhere in sight. If you’re ready to hop on the chic modern farmhouse bandwagon, read on for the need-to-know tips for infusing this dreamy look into your home. 

Chic farmhouse inspired design for a modern home
Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

If you’re in the process of handcrafting the farmhouse-chic home of your dreams, keep your eyes peeled for these staples of a modern farmhouse home build. From a sprawling front porch to a spacious kitchen to classic hardwood floors, these “good bones” will make all the difference when breathing life into your dream-home vision board. 

  • A functional, family-friendly, and (rainboot-proof) mudroom nestled by the front entrance
  • Dramatically-dark shutters
  • Durable roof construction, complete with a gently-sloped roofline 
  • Carriage-style garage doors 

To attain the style of your dreams, consider partnering with online house plan providers like these. Not only will these stock house plans blend the warmth of the farmhouse-inspired decor with the wow-factor of the modern. These alternatives to custom house plans will help you cut costs, pocket more me-time, and boost your resale opportunities. 

For a chic farmhouse decor style incorporate neutral colours and textures in your soft furnishings
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Although achieving farmhouse-chic living spaces may seem as simple as sprinkling in a dash of wooden accents and a pinch of wire baskets, there is no secret formula to warm and approachable living areas. Remember, the paths to modern farmhouse design are plentiful.

If you’re hoping to stay true to modern farmhouse design elements, incorporating neutral colours is a great jumping-off point. By layering creams, whites, soft greys of various hues, you can achieve a simple, relaxing room that retains its dimension. Additionally, don’t be afraid to add a pop of black into the mix. After all, they don’t call it a “modern” farmhouse for nothing. 

Suppose you are worried about your home slowly drifting further into the category of modern design and appearing stark. In that case, adding texture is a fantastic way to root your home in natural contrast. Weathered wood finishes, woven rugs, and braided leathers are tremendous examples of design elements that entertain the eye while remaining neutral. 

Chic and stylish modern farmhouse style wooden shelving alongside modern lighting
Photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash

While the word farmhouse may conjure mental images of maximal rooster-themed decor and a heavy hand for embroidered throw pillows, the modern farmhouse resists the clutter and chaos of its burlap-coated counterpart. 

When in the pursuit of modern farmhouse design, minimalist decor choices are an effortless way to integrate the contemporary side of your taste into your home. For example, a few interestingly shaped, textured pieces of pottery in your chosen colour scheme can speak for themselves on the mantel, rather than requiring a bundle of trinkets to draw interest. 

Modern farmhouse chic style minimal rustic shelving
Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

If you see your dream home on Pinterest, pin it! If your Instagram explore page is chock-full of luxurious modern farmhouses, follow the accounts that have curated those homes. While your style will march to the beat of its own drum, learning from those you admire is a great way to familiarize yourself with interior design basics. With a scroll in the right direction, you can also finetune your design preferences and pinpoint your modern farmhouse fantasy must-haves. 

As the modern farmhouse style ramps up in popularity, dip your toes in farmhouse chic by embracing minimalism, texture, and the unrefined. In no time, you’ll find yourself toeing the line between industrial and traditional with style points aplenty.  

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Featured image credit: Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash