Moving into a new or newly remodeled home means that you (usually) get a space that’s in prime functioning condition. But it can also mean you have a space that’s a bit… bland. At least, that’s what DIYer Hana Sethi (@HanasHappyHome) found in her powder room. “This is a bathroom that every guest in my house uses,” Hana says. “So I wanted to have a wow factor.”

But as it was, the all-white bathroom was lacking in charm, and certainly didn’t bring any “wow.” Hana decided she wanted to take a risk with a big color choice. “I knew I could take a risk in here with a bold color because it’s a very contained space,” she says. “If I didn’t like it I could just close the door and no one would know it’s there.”

Hana started by mapping out a pattern for her accent wall — overlapping rectangles — using painter’s tape. When she decided on her final design, Hana used a miter saw to cut her trim to size.

A nail gun made quick work of nailing the trim in place. “It was the very first time that I used a nail gun,” Hana says. “I learned that this is a great tool for beginners.” Once the pieces were up, Hana filled seams and gaps with caulk for an extra-clean finish.

Finally, Hana painted the whole wall deep green (a custom shade she had mixed). The completed accent wall turns this once-boring bathroom into a focal point.

“I love this bathroom because it’s such a wow statement,” Hana says of her DIY, which is a total guest compliment magnet. “It’s like a piece of art hanging in my bathroom.”

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