If you have to laundry, you might as well elevate the experience… 

and sometimes creating a beautiful, clutter-free space is all it takes to make a chore feel a little less mundane.  

Over the years, we’ve had so much fun designing dreamy laundry rooms for our clients, but even if you don’t have four walls dedicated to the task, you can still streamline your washing routine with a few simple additions.  

Here are four elevated essentials to bring form and function to your laundry space: 

From The McGee Home: Our Laundry Room

No. 1: Pretty storage solutions  

Start with pretty storage solutions to display or corral cleaning products, linens, or other miscellaneous items. We love using a mix of boxes, baskets, and even glass jars to style in shelving or on the countertop. 

4 Elevated Laundry Room Essentials
4 Elevated Laundry Room Essentials

From one of our favorite laundry room designs