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Maybe you have your own Costco membership, or you’re lucky enough to sneak in with a friend who does. Either way, there’s nothing like a good trip to Costco. If it’s not the plentiful free samples that get you, maybe it’s the three-pound container of milk chocolate-covered almonds, or the promise of a $1.50-hot dog at the end of your shopping journey. 

It turns out, though, there are more bargains at Costco than the ones that even the diehards tend to think of. The popular retail mothership for Kirkland Nation is actually a gold mine for home stagers who are looking for reasonably priced items that spice up a home before it goes on the market. 

We asked Boston-based interior designer and home stager Jess Harrington of Jess Finessed Homes to head to Costco with a budget of $100 and report back with the items she would choose to stage a home. Read on to see what Harrington chose to give a home that special something so it gets snapped off the market in no time. 

Harrington clocked in with a total of $91.97, leaving a few dollars to spare (for Costco hot dogs, of course). If she had more room in her budget, she says she would have sprung for this beaded glass mirror.  “We usually use at least two mirrors in each home we stage. They bounce light, open up a space, and look much better in real estate photos than faux TVs!,” she says.

Megan Johnson


Megan Johnson is a reporter in Boston. She got her start at the Boston Herald, where commenters would leave sweet messages like “Megan Johnson is just awful.” Now, she’s a contributor to publications like People Magazine, Trulia and Architectural Digest.