As more people are making use of their outdoor spaces and gardens, new trends are emerging. Here are five trends in outdoor design that we’re particularly enjoying at the moment.

Making Outdoor Spaces More Functional

Nice example of a vertical garden growing edible plants
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Homeowners are keen to have outdoor spaces represent something akin to stylish and functional open-air rooms. For instance, they may have a trellis supporting a vertical garden, growing flowers or vegetables, yet also using the trellis in the role of a private fence or a boundary wall. With built-in seats and garden beds filled with colourful plants, outdoor spaces are being transformed into the ideal place for entertaining too.

Similarly, there are well-illuminated outdoor decks, kitchens, and living rooms. With the aid of fire tables and fire pits, as well as systems for cooling and misting, the outdoors become perfect for family dinners and get-togethers.

Greater Usage of Machines and Technology

Dining table for eating outdoors
Photo by Natural Goods Berlin on Unsplash

There is an attempt to streamline outdoor tasks via mechanical equipment and technological tools. People want to become more efficacious in nurturing and conserving the environment, too. It’s good to see people using robotic lawnmowers to give lawns a neater and even appearance. Other advancements include well-maintained electrical (outlets and USB ports) and lighting (practical and stylish light fixtures) systems, irrigation systems that can undergo programming, all-weather Bluetooth speakers, high-tech outdoor Wi-Fi or Internet networks, outdoor projectors, and TVs. In fact, the outdoors is becoming a smart extension of the indoors, permitting relaxation, working-from-home and studying anywhere and everywhere!

Display of Creative Accessories

Metals (generally, good-quality iron and steel) have become the in-thing, as far as garden or landscape accessories are concerned. They come into play for decorations, furniture, whimsical or fashionable extensions, water features and so on. In fact, metals are great for focal points and accents. Of course, manufacturers, such as Neighbor Furniture take great care to make everything waterproof or water-resistant, and rust-proof. As for conveying an impression of softness and good texture, planted centrepieces, colourful rugs, pillows, throw blankets and poufs do the job well.

Pergolas are in Fashion

Luxurious outdoor pergola with curtains
Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Landscape professionals opt for composite materials or well-polished wood, for awarding that sophisticated look. Today’s pergolas are really stepping up from the basics, with some boasting fire features, luxurious kitchen areas, or seating areas. They may also display sound and lighting systems, roll-down windows, and space heaters.

Pink is the Colour of Choice

Landscapes are acquiring an increasingly ‘feminine’ look and the colours blush and coral are becoming the shades of choice. Landscape designers are opting for flowering plants that will yield lush-pink flowers in all their diverse hues. They include hibiscus, roses, zinnias, and petunias. As for stone selections and hardscapes, light shades of blush come into play, giving the impression of neutral colours.