15 Products for Organizing your Kitchen Cabinets

Small space living is not ideal, but I make it work thanks to the abundance of helpers out there that 1) support my slight hoarding habits and 2) keep my house somewhat organized. I have a small rental kitchen, and despite the fact that I have way too much stuff (and I own it!), I stay extremely organized and you can too! These 15 products are perfect for organizing your kitchen cabinets, so no matter how much or how little space you have, you experience Zen at home.


  1. Cabinet risers allow you to maximize storage on cabinet shelves, such as by stacking plates in a way that is still user-friendly. [Find these risers in two sizes at IKEA
  1. A 3-tier organizer lets you easily see and access items in the back of your cabinets, so you know what’s back there without having to dismantle the pantry to find them. [Find these non-skid risers on Amazon
  1. Lazy susans are my savior when it comes to spices, sprinkles, etc. because they fit perfectly on my too-tall shelves and make it easy to turn and find what I’m looking for. [Grab these even better double-decker lazy susans from Target
  1. Store snacks and other random types of items in easy-to-access bins to keep them together, and even add labels to them for easy identification. [Get these useful white bins in various sizes at IKEA
  1. Invest in a good set of food storage canisters to keep food fresh and make your cabinets look really pretty and organized. [Snag these beauties from The Container Store
  1. Use 3M Command Hooks to hang things like measuring cups and measuring spoons on the inside of cabinet doors for easy access. [Find these on Amazon
  1. Under-shelf storage like baskets add storage to unused spaces so that you can maximize cabinet space. [Grab under-shelf baskets from The Container Store
15 Products for Organizing your Kitchen Cabinets
Photo by  Wayfair
  1. Over-cabinet baskets also add extra space, and some [like this one from Wayfair] even have a bar for hanging a towel, so it’s perfect for placing on a lower cabinet door. 
15 Products for Organizing your Kitchen Cabinets
  1. Use glass spice jars (or a good spice rack) for pretty storage that’s as attractive as it is useful for finding spices in a pinch. [Find simple glass jars at The Container Store
  1. A canned food rack is ideal for keeping all cans, easy to see and easy to access. [Pick one up at Amazon
  1. Organize baking sheets, cake or muffins pans and cutting boards upright for easier viewing and reaching. [Find this board organizer at Target
15 Products for Organizing your Kitchen Cabinets
Photo by  Wayfair
  1. Utilize every inch of under-sink storage with a multi-drawer organizer that fits perfectly around your sink pipes. [See this one on Wayfair
  1. Keep all of your K-cups in check and easy to find with drawers that fit easily in a cabinet. [Find this one in several colors on Amazon
  1. Pull pots and pans out of cabinets easier with racks that roll right out and back in. [Purchase specific sizes from Target
  1. Use a two-tier corner shelf to place in the corner of cabinets to make better use of hard-to-reach spaces and maximize storage. [Get one from hayneedle.com